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Stockholm, Sweden, November 13, 2018. President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella and First Lady of Italy, Laura Mattarella, visiting Sweden at the inviatation of the King of Sweden. The royal couple meets the presidential couple at the Royal Stables for the cortege.
Credit: Barbro Bergfeldt/Alamy Live News

Stockholm, Sweden, September 14, 2018. Seminar about Agda Rössel (1910-2001) Sweden´s and the world´s first female UN ambassador. Presentation of the book "Her Exellency Agda Rössel: from Lineman cottage to the UN scraper". (Hennes excellens Agda Rössel : från banvaktstugan till FN-skrapan). Only published in Swedish. Author Elin Jäderström. Here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm. credit: Barbro Bergfeldt/Alamy Live News

Stockholm, Sweden, September 9, 2018. Election Night Watch Party for Sweden Democrats (SD) in central Stockholm, Sweden. Party Leader Jimmie Akesson. credit: Barbro Bergfeldt/Alamy Live News